Evan Iliadis, claiming credit for Paul leaving the Philippines?

What a laugh that is. I understand that Evan Iliadis now claims responsibility for Paul having left the Philippines. Bear in mind, the ignorant idiot had no idea that Paul had even left the country, until several months after he (Paul) was in Thailand.

Evan Iliadis certainly has issues that go well beyond any mental illness I have ever seen. I can not help but wonder how he has the time to spend online trying to create such things about others. I suppose, as I have thought in the past, that his home life much be dismal at best.

Perhaps, rather than criticizing the old man, we should pity him, and his mental problems. I wonder if we could have someone go there and actually get this guy some help? I suspect that his family may not even know about his problems. Perhaps they think he is online merely looking at pages and pages of p”rn every day. Well, that may not be far from the truth, now that I think of it.

It is just so very funny, as to how an issue, which concerned an actual pedophile and child molester, Dean Boyd Marston, caused Evan to start going after people who were doing what Evan had professed to do prior to then. (Evan took Dean’s side of the issue, without ever having met Paul, Dean, or anyone else involved.) Of course, we later learned that everything Evan previously stated, regarding ridding the Philippines of pedophiles and child molesters was all talk and no action. He had created stories to make himself look good. Not unlike what he has tried to do to Paul Petrea, Christopher Bennetts, Perry Gamsby, Michael Turner, First Sergeant Mike Farrell, as well as others.

You see, at the time, Mr. Evan Iliadis had already been ejected from the Philippines, blacklisted, never to return. So, he knew nothing of an issue, prior to joining the ranks with Dean Boyd Marston. I guess like minded people do attract – like minded people. So, Mr. Evan Iliadis, what does that really say about you, sir?

Evan Iliadis – A never ending story.

You know, Evan Iliadis has been posting lies, misinformation, and libel, slanderous statements about a number of people over the past two to three years, including Woody Paul Petrea, Sr., Christopher Bennets, Guenther Vomberg, Timothy Potter, Perry Gamsby, and many others, .

I am finally glad to see his little world is crashing down around him, albeit slowly. Unfortunately, he is a very sick man, in need of some very serious help from a good doctor. Upon his sites finally being killed, finally removed from the internet, Evan Iliadis will have few options, other than to find himself something better to do with his life.

Perhaps, he may even get better, eventually becoming a useful, contributing member of society.

Challenge To Evan Iliadis

Here is another person Evan claims is hiding…

Challenge from Christopher Bennetts currently in the Philippines.


As readers may be aware I have been a victim of the Cyber Stalker Evan Iliadis now for going on five years. I have a challenge to Evan Iliadis that will demonstrate that he manufactures lies against people including myself.

When he first attacked me online I fiercely defended myself against his false allegations first answering his allegation but soon realised it was all a game for him and he was not interested in the truth.

There a numerous false accusations he has made against me. Here I will mention two of the worst.


Evan claims I run a  network of porn sites including
http :// www.peeasia.tv/
http :// www.asianappleseed.com/
http :// www.schoolgirls-asia.com/

He does not just claim I am the owner of these but I am also the photographer producing the content they use. I have already stated previously that i have absolutely no association with these sites. I do not even know who does own them. Evan seems to have selected these sites at random or perhaps they sites the Evan likes and frequently visits. The funniest thing is I do not even own a real camera, only the one included in my Cell Phone which does take a decent snap shot.


The other false claim is that I am a fugitive of justice with outstanding arrest warrant against me for abuse against women and children and people trafficking.

Again this is just total fantasy. Let me state again clearly I have no outstanding arrest warrants against me in any jurisdiction in the world and I am not even a person of interest in this regard to any authority. I have never been convicted of any criminal offense. This is another total fabrication by Evan.

As proof of his allegation Evan produces an arrest warrant that was issued against me after I failed to respond to a surpina sent to an old address by an estranged former girlfriend . This was a setup with her new drug addict boyfriend. As soon as i found out about it I returned to the Philippines and immediately paid the required security bond and then attended half a dozen court hearing until the case was finally dismissed. The actual complaint made by my former girlfriend was that i failed to pay child support and engaged in stalking. The fact is that she ran away with her drug addict boyfriend after I made the very first payment of child support as agreed between us and the stalking charge related to my visiting her relatives looking for my child and finally tracked them down where I had a verbal exchange with her boyfriend who actually is a fugitive of justice with outstanding arrest warrants against him. When the arrest warrant was issued the charges came under legislation title “Violence against Women and Children”. That was not the charge but the name of legislation. I have never physically abused anyone, it is simply not in my nature.

The Challenge

I am currently a permanent resident of the Philippines and need to visit immigration to renew my ACR card. I plan to do this next week. I will visit the main immigration office in Manila.  I will advise of the exact date 48 hours prior so Evan can not complain he did not have time to contact the appropriate authorities.

Evan has always asked for people to provide information on my whereabouts so that i can be brought to justice. If as Evan claims I am a fugitive of justice with such serious outstanding arrest warrants against me then this would be the perfect opportunity to arrest me.

Look for a black T-shirt with this logo

To make things even easier i will wear the T-shirt shown in the picture below. I can not give an exact time but I will be there on the 18th and will record photographic evidence to prove my visit. Evan has no excuse for failing to “act” on this information.

The fact is as stated there simply are no arrest warrants or in interest in me by authorities for any of the allegations made by Evan.

Evan Iliadis, cyberstalker, here is something for you to correct.

Someone just sent me a link to a page that Paul Petrea apparently created back in July. I guess Evan Iliadis needs to get his lies and misinformation about Paul set straight.

Evan Iliadis creates lies that Paul Petrea is in hiding. Here is proof of where Paul is.

Paul is in hiding, Evan. Now, you go be a good wittle detective for daddy and go catch that mean criminal.

Evan Iliadis, you are dumber than a pile of dog s#@t.

While you are at it, please stop associating me with Tim, a long time member of Paul’s living in Cebu forum. The moniker I use, “Tim”, is also an acronym for “The Invisible Man”. Maybe you will sort that out one day.


Manila and why I don’t go there often.

I recently had to fly up to Manila, via Cebu Pacific Air. I should have taken my inflatable boat as well. It would have been of a lot more use to me than an airplane was.

Was supposed to hit a hotel that I normally stay in, over in Ermita. That is my favorite area of Manila to stay in, while visiting Luzon.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a water fowl, so, me staying in Ermita did not happen. What did happen was this. I had to stay in a hotel, one that I really did not like, which was located near the airport. To add insult to injury, I had to pay more than double what I normally pay, in order to stay at a hotel near the airport.

When you think it cannot get worse, good people, oh yes it does.

Naturally, when staying at a hotel for more than a couple of days, you want a variety in food. I am talking about good quality food here. I know places in Ermita that offer quality meals at reasonable prices. Near the airport, however, I am a newbie. So, I have to do the best I can while in that part of Manila.

After wading around (like a duck) the local area, and after going from one substandard dining establishment after another, I finally located a Chinese food establishment that offered some decent food to eat.

A while later, and after letting my meal settle a bit, and after having a discreet cigarette, I headed back to my not-so-wonderful accommodations. Of course, the hotel offered free airliner engine noise. I guess that was why they charged more money for their rooms.

The next morning, I woke from a restless night’s sleep – remember the airplane engines? Anyway, I prepared myself, showered, got dressed and headed out to trek across Manila. Unfortunately, this would have been where my inflatable would have come in good use. It took the taxi more than three hours to get across that “wonderful” city of eighteen million people.

I have to say, although I love living in this country more than any other in my life, how Manila functions as this country’s capital is beyond me. This same problem occurs several times per year, mostly in the rainy season. I just wish they would do something about it, so the nations capital can move forward rather than in reverse. They never get any important projects completed in Manila – not the ones that should be completed anyway.

I will prepare my galoshes and inflatable for my next trip.

Evan Iliadis and Family

Evan Iliadis is married to Stella Iliadis. He (Evan Iliadis) never mentions his wife in his blogs, because he is too occupied in creating lies and misinformation about other people. Anyway, Evan and Stella Iliadis have a daughter and two sons. The daughter’s name is Alex, and her daughter, who really should not be left alone with Evan, is Elena. I have recently learned that Evan has a tendency to get a bit too “close” to children – very well under age. Now it is all coming together, why Evan keeps trying to turn the light toward others, rather than himself.

Here are some of Evan Iliadis’ family photos to view:

Evan Iliadis, unfortunately, is a very sick man. One who is in need of some serious medical attention – and some very good drugs to stabilize himself.


More about Evan Iliadis, Phillip Rowe, and Manilyn Gemarino Rowe

Below is proof of Evan encouraging Manilyn Gemarino Rowe, Phillip Rowe’s wife to file a case against Paul Petrea, in Cebu Province, back in December. So, it appears as though this case is a matter of a story created to simply attempt to destroy a man’s reputation. It isn’t looking good for you, Evan Iliadis, Phillip Rowe, or Manilyn Gemarino Rowe, for that matter.

Evan Iliadis – What A Psychopath

I realize that I haven’t posted updates on this site for sometime. But, my wife and I do have a life outside of the world wide web. I hope you do too!

I have been keeping updated on websites like Big Jim’s Philippines Experience, the Living in Cebu forums, some blogs, and a few other forums online. (As a side note, I have known about Jim Sibbick’s site for a long time, but only recent found (and joined) the forums I linked to by clicking a link in an earlier post on another site.) Furthermore, I have been doing some research in the area where Mr. Evan Iliadis professed to be so popular, on Bohol.

Evan Iliadis, PedophileWell, let me tell you something. This guy is as full of shite as a Christmas turkey. He posts lies about expats and Filipinos who reside in the Philippines, as though they are “bad seeds”. But, the truth of the matter here is, it is he, Evan Iliadis, who is the one who has some major issues.

A guy I know at the NBI, told me that this guy (Evan Iliadis) will never, ever be allowed to return to the Philippines. That is one reason he (Evan Iliadis) has so much hate and discontent for others who live here. I actually tried to see his view, in the beginning. I tried to find proof of where these people had done wrong here. But, I am afraid to say what others are saying about this guy is true.

One thing about him is, he had sex with minor aged boys while he was in the Philippines. He left on the lamb, before he could be prosecuted.

Another thing about him, and a good thing in this case, is that Evan Iliadis is blacklisted from ever returning to the Philippines. Thank Heaven above for that one! I just hope he doesn’t choose another country to travel to and begin doing these despicable acts again.

Yet, another thing about him is, he blogs lies, deception, deceit, and completely fabricated stories about others who sincerely have good reputations in the Philippines.

Evan Iliadis should be held accountable and libel for the slander, lies, misinformation, and defamation of character that he is promoting on the internet. These sites should be sued as well, for allowing such filth to be posted by someone as sick as Evan Iliadis.

This guy doesn’t need a doctor, he needs a trial and a prison sentence.

For those of you reading this, I do hope that you rally with those in the Philippines who have been wronged by this low life. But, please do not take my word for what I say about Evan Iliadis or his blogs. I challenge you to do your own research. Do your own investigations, and see what negatives you really find out about the people this piece of trash posts about on the internet. He does not have any evidence in his posts, but lies and false allegations.

It’s up to you, sir!

“It’s up to you, sir!” I get so tired of hearing those words. If you lived here in the Philippines, you would too. Those words, that one simple, short sentence, is stated more times to foreigners in one day, than to the entire nation of Filipinos in a week. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating just a bit here. But, we are told that often, especially when a Filipino is in hopes of getting more money than they should, or if they are too shy to simply tell you what they normally charge for a days wage. Here is an example.

You have hired a carpenter to do some work for you. You enlisted his help because you needed him and his skills. But, you also thought that he would simply charge you a fair, full day’s wage too. Well, it doesn’t always happen that way.

In many cases, the carpenter, after working all day, will wait for you to pay him. You then go outside and let him know you are ready to pay, but don’t know what his charge is. “Sir, it’s up to you!” Now, if that same carpenter were to be doing similar work for a Filipino, the answer would be simple. Php 200, Php 250, or maybe Php 300 for the days wage, is what he would tell the person who hired him. But, because it is you who hired him, a foreigner, he has to spout those words.

Would you like to know how to put a stop to them doing that to you? it’s quite simple, really. Tell him, “Okay, since I do not know what your charge is, I will pay you Php 100 for the days work.” It won’t be long before he lets you know that isn’t the correct amount, trust old Tim here. Basically, you will end up forcing him to come up with a figure. If, however, he tries to charge you too much, which would be anything over about Php 300 per day (at the moment, that is the rate in the provincial areas of the Philippines), then simply hand him Php 250 and call it a day.

You are probably wondering why not sort the wage amount out first, before the wok starts. Well, you don’t do that, because worker always assume that we (foreigners) are going to pay more, simply because most foreigners have money. Yes, I know this is true, and you know this is true. But, try convincing them that you don’t have a lot of money to your name, after you just flew half way around the world to come here, something most Filipinos have never done in their lives. Many work an entire year for what you spent on that plane ticket.

First Timers Coming To See Your Girl?

If this is your first trip to the Philippines, excuse my being so blunt, but you don’t know shit. Listen to someone who has been on the ground here for a long time.

Before you do anything, you need to remember this is not your culture. Filipinas are not like women where you come from. They are completely different, and I mean COMPLETELY different!

Let me give you a few important pointers.

  • Here, you do not need to concern yourself with being “turned down” for a date. Girls here are plentiful to meet, and spend time with. If one will not go out with you, move on and meet another one. Easy as pie, because they are plentiful here. You can date one, two, or five Filipinas if you choose to. Just remember they have that “saving face” thing going on here. So, don’t tell one if you are going to date and screw around with other girls. Keep it to yourself!
  • Do not come over here to meet or to marry one girl on your first trip to this country! That would be the biggest mistake you could ever make in your life! Trust me. I am telling you “The Truth About The Philippines“. I have seen too many guys meet a girl, chat with her online, and then come here to meet her and marry her on the same trip! What ignorance!!
  • If you feel as though you must marry that one, special girl, like no other, the one girl who is a goddess that you can’t live without (I feel like I am going to puke), then, at least do yourself a favor and come over a few days, up to one week before doing so. Then, you will have time to meet at least one other girl here. Spend time with that girl, which will ,hopefully, make you change your mind about marriage to the first girl!