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timHello. I am Tim, the owner and operator of this site. I am your host for information, on The Truth About The Philippines blog.

I have lived in the Philippines for many years, learning as I go along in my travels and throughout the country.

I currently live in Mindanao, you know, that “dangerous” area of the Philippines where you go – never to be heard from again? I lived in Cebu, when we chose to move to a bit more remote part of the country, in Mindanao. I am married, for five wonderful years, to a fantastic Filipina from Davao City. She loves me very much. She treats me like a king, and takes better care of me than I could have ever dreamed. Her name is Empleo and she is currently 29 years old. I am 38. We currently have one child, and are considering trying forĀ  another little Blessing.

I have traveled through most of the larger islands in the country, learning along the way.

Please take time to visit any sites I link to, because I feel as though they will offer you quality information regarding the Philippines and living here. The accommodation links are places that are reliable and reputable, and where I have personally stayed during my travels around the country.

I apologize for not being available to answer questions emailed to me. But, if you wish, post them on the blog and I will do my very best to answer them for you.

For those of you who have not figured it out yet, the name “Tim” is just a moniker. It is an acronym for The Invisible Man. Before deciding to start a website, I researched people who had used their real names online. Then, people like Evan IliadisĀ come along and attempt to exploit others’ honesty. He will never be able to do that to me, because he does not realize who I am. I, however, know exactly who he is.

Thanks for reading my blog!


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